Monday, November 08, 2010


I occasionally used grids and hard edges but just now I´m starting to see how important these two things are. I did a one point perspective grid to use as a shape in photoshop. Download it, save it somewhere and load it up.

Since its a shape, it can be transformed many times without having to worry about quality loss. I find it really helpful although it´s a tricky thing to avoid getting carried away and letting perspective get in the way of creativity or design.

I´ve been thinking a lot about process and purpose lately. I´m finding it quite useful to try to visualize in my head what I want to paint. Making color/palette decisions even before I lay a stroke. And I´m finally understanding, I think, there are several aspects of an image ( composition, mood, color palette, design, story) that I need to pay attention to in the very beginning.

A great idea can be badly rendered and still be great, making a point. And perfectly rendered painting, might be purposeless. I don´t want to find myself again adding detail or fiddling with lighting on a painting when no matter how well I render it, the end result will be bland due to bad design or the lack of a storytelling point.

Soooo, anyway! Here´s a perfect example of what I´m saying. Nice perspective grid, but what now, composition is all wrong. It´s like the hint of a set in a badly composed photograph waiting for actors to show up and do something worth watching.

And here´s another one wip. It was a lot of fun. I really used the pen tool a lot on this one. I´m enjoying to control and "finetuneability". But again, I gotta think more. about scale, composition, design and the list goes on!

So stay tuned for some more paintings were I really really think about what I´m doing. I´m thinking a series of some sort would be a nice and effective way to "tackle" these problems. And I wont avoid characters this time.

Next time, more pics , less words!


LuisNCT said...

la imagen de bajo, la vista aerea mas cartoonpictorica, me encanta. Creo que ese tipo de imagenes es donde más transmites

Mr.Plot said...

tioo!!! joe hacia un taco que no entraba en tu blog y me mola un taco macho las cosas ultimas que has echo.....un maquina!!! muchas gracias por lo del llevo todo a casita para verlooo.un abrazooooo

sigues por london!!!

Tom Scholes said...
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Tom Scholes said...

Words are good! Curious about the pen tool, how did you use it?

Germán said...

gracias , Luis! tengo que poco a poco volver a mis origines cartoonianos!

Plooot! gracias, hombre! La pagina que te pase la mire el otro dia pacer la cabeza esta ultima. Tambien mire a ver si vendian maniquies de referencia algo, pero valen un aleña

Tom- hehe. I setup a shortcut to acces the paths window. so every time I create an important silouhette(sp?) I save a new path. Once you get the hang of using ctrl/shift/alt with the pen tool, its quite fast and editable!