Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coca Cola Siege Superbowl Ad

The last thing I worked has been getting quite a bit of attention. I was lucky enough to be part of the team behind the last Coca Cola Superbowl ad. The ad was directed by FX & Mat (Nexus), Framestore was in charge of all the CGI and the mattepainting work was outsourced to Painting Practice . Together with Justin Atkinson (mattepainting sup. at Painting Practice), I worked on mattepaintings and cg-paintovers. More info here & here.
I´d like to take the chance to thank Justin, everyone at Painting Practice, Fx & Matt, Russel, Diarmid, Tom & Possini. Thank you all!

I worked on the matte for the first shot in the ad. It was a tricky one and getting the final look would have been impossible without Justin, Russel and Diarmid´s work and direction. Head over at to Fx & Mats´s new site to see hi-res stills.

This is my favourite painting from the whole job, I was really "in the zone" while doing it. The 3d base, which came in quite handy, was done by Justin using a combination of models he´d done and assets provided my Framestore. Check out a higher res here. This isn´t finished nor the version that shows up in the ad, but that´s what blogs are for, right?!

We also did some cg overpaints on some of the shots.

This is a painting from the early stages when we were still trying to figure out some things. Didn´t get to finish it ( tree brush! yay! ), but I like where it was going. You´ll see a better res version if you click. I´m starting to hate blogger, publishing is a bit nightmareish... Higher res here

and this is the main temple. Here I only took over adding some detail to render. Higher res here.

Thanks for watching!


Gracia said...

heeeyyy!! Que chulos banano!! te han quedado mattes de verdad de rematte!!! y ademas superfamosooo!!! yuhuuuuuu!!!!! ^_^ applauseee applauseee!!!

Diego F. Goberna said...

si señor!! vaya mattazos y vaya oportunidad bien aprovechada! congrats meu! :)

por cierto, tas en london?

Teemu Erämaa said...

Very impressive mr German! I'd like to hire you on spot, contact my agent on 555-BEST

Asis Merino said...

Tremendo German, muy guapo el curro. a lo grande!!


A saco¡¡ Ya me vi la pieza entera, ya te contare. Mu buen curro.

Germán said...

como siempre, un poco tarde llego por aqui. gracias a todos majos!!

besos y abrazos!

Hwang Su Min Roci said...

hola, que lindas imágenes, son muy lindas, son bastante inspiradoras..