Monday, October 03, 2005

Warming up

Haven´t drawn much lately... that´s bad. Tomorrow I´ll buy a brush and some pens and I´ll go sketching.

This is a picture I did straight in PS. The street is in a tiny amazingly beautiful village in Spain called "Albarracín". I had been there as a kid many years ago, but I didn´t remember anything. The street was beautiful and I had forgotten my sketchbook home that day.Its one of those places where you go "Dam it, I wish I had brought my sketchbook!".

Check some pictures of the village here: O O O O

Image hosted by


Anonymous said...
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Pekka said...

Hey german.

i just got good news an hour ago: my school supports my going back to prague by making a personal studies-project from the stay there. I will make a diary out of the drawing course posting my life drawings and sketches each week. i think im gonna fly next sunday, going to go check out tickets tomorrow.

nice to see you sketch, i've been working like a lunatic, but this should be my last sleepless night; tomorrow morning i will hand in the last of the illustrations.

btw. did you already download google earth? that is an amazingly crazy service.. bang! i found many places i visited during this year, and before.


see you soon, spaniard!

Germán said...

That sounds great!

You could even work with the binding department and make a sketchbook and print it out. Id definately get a copy!

Show me some sketches when your allowed to do so.

that google earth is crazy! I allready had my virtual walk arround zizkov!

See u soon Pini pä!

Darius Growler said...

Beatiful sketches, the last one is great.

Lena said...

You suprisingly draw!Very artly!

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