Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Some quick tests using Geocontrol & Vue with some PS comp. They´re quite fun to use and I think with some work you could some impressive results. I´m still learning both & trying to figure out the best workflow.


Juanma said...

Hola Germán!!, que alegría que hayas vuelto a postear; de vez en cuando me paso por aquí con la esperanza de encontrar algo nuevo y hoy, Premio!!
Un abrazo y frote de barbas valencianas si aún la llevas, : )

LuisNCT said...

¿¿?? guau!

Germán said...

-Yeee, Juanma!!

Así que alguien aun se pasaba por aquí.
Qué alegría verte por aquí, hombre!

Cómo te va, dónde andas?

-Luis, no se si le sigues dando al 3d pero el Geocontrol ese esta muy chulo, se sacan unas montañas bastante creibles.

Tom Scholes said...

Very interested in Vue lately,
How long does something like this take?

Germán said...

I´d say less than an hour each, renders don´t take that long in the lowest settings.

Vue is very powerful program and kinda fun to play with. But the terrain was generated in geocontrol 2, which you can learn by playing around with it and checkin out the docs although it might look a bit intimidating at first.

Thanks for stopping by, love wour work

Tom Scholes said...

Aww shucks, you're too kind.
Thanks for the info, hope to have some free time soon to mess with these programs :)