Monday, April 18, 2005

Stop Motion!!

Yep, we´re finally going to be able to make some animation tests in Barandov Studio. We were al so excited! It´s great, we have a room just for us. An old VHS camera, a computer, a wooden table and a puppet, all we need. We didn´t have much time today but I´ll go there again tomorrow. I´m really looking forward to it. What we also saw today was a special stopwatch they had there. It measures time in frames, so you can act out things, click at the beginning and end of the action, and , there you go, you have how many frames it took you. It will come in handy.

This is Nao working in the studio
Image hosted by
I also started doing animation tests on the computer. I have a looong way to go yet, but what I did looked much better than what I was expecting. It took me about five hours to finish it. I want to keep doing exercises like that, and when I´m not very bad at it, move on to some acting tests, which is what I really want to do. I downloaded the lowman rig for 3ds max (get it here ) and that´s what I´m using for the animations. After struggling with bones, rigs and setups last year, finding a model ready for animating was a very nice surprise. Check out the animation, its here : "" you´ll have to copy paste the link,sorry.