Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Work in progress

EDIT: pictures don´t seem to load properly, browser just downloads the picture. Sorry for the hassle, will try to fix it.

So here I am again! I´m not totally recovered, arm hurts from time to time, but at least I could get back to work and even paint some personal stuff.

I´m in the process of updating my portfolio now. I feel I have learned a few things this last months and I want to paint some stuff that shows it.

Animation, compositing, illustration, painting, 3d so many things I´m interested in. But I think it´s about time that I focus a bit. Visual Development is drawing most of my attention lately.

In the meantime, some work in progress. I really gotta get used to investing several days in a piece, I usually only spend like a day in a painting.

First of all, a painting I started with Peter. He came over to my place, were supposed to go out party, but ended up painting all night. We´d take 10/15/20 min shots at it and speedpaint.

I was thinking I´d work a bit more on the pic before posting, but its too late now. Hope to finish it this week or so.



A painting I did using a 3d render. I´m planning on doing a series of this & try develop some vis dev skills.

A speedie gone too far. Not finished yet, palm trees and some parts to be refined. A bit proud of this one, no reference or textures used.