Monday, October 30, 2006


Long time without updating. Leaving Prague on Friday. Strange to leave after such a long time.
No call from any animation studio yet. I´ll add some new stuff to my showreel and portfolio when I get to Valencia, then I´ll try my luck in Barcelona.
Here are some pics. As I said, this are all just doodles. Should have thought more about what I was doing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

como churros

Here are a few sketches I did these last to days. This lasso painting method ïs really great. Im using shapes, forms, to define what Im drawing. First, an interesting silouhette, then see how it plays against/with other shapes. Then just fill the minimum necessary blank spaces. Its really fun. And its all actually doodling. Would be interesting to see how this method works whith a clear goal in mind.

Anyway, heres a teaser, I really have to wait a few days to "reevaluate" this sketches. Im doing them so fast that its almost intoxicating, I dont really know if theyre "good".
Heres an insight into the process.
I like this one for some reason. Looks really rough if you look it up close
oh! and Uesugi should also be in the to the list

Saturday, October 14, 2006

And even more

These two days have been a blast. Just couldnt stop drawing. Now I started using a different aproach in PS. Im using the lasso tool to select areas, then I paint them with the brush. I got to be quite fast at it, being able to lay shapes down pretty quickly. I tried not to worry to much about getting the "right proportions or shape" in the begining, which led to nice accidental discoveries.
It also sometimes happens that you just dont know which way to go with a sketch, so also, instead of choosing one "path" , Id copy paste the image and work in different versions at the same time. It was a really refreshing aproach.

Sorry about the huge filesize on the GIFs, I thought it was the only one everyone with any browser could see them.

While I was drawing I started to think about artists that Id been checking up lately or that left some good impression on me. Artists or books that have influenced what I did these last days.

and... in no particular order:
Jim Flora, The Incredibles Book, Lou Romano, Neil Ross, Hans Bacher, Barth, Javier Olivares, Mignola, Ashley Wood, Pictoplasma, Robert Valley, Cheeks, Loius Gonzales, Uwe Heidschoetter, Cartoon Modern, Jamie Hewlett, Jose Luis Agreda, Cheeks, Alberto Mielgo, Chris Sanders, James Robertson, Nick Sung , Stephane Kardos.



and a few in higher res:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Prague

So here I am again. Sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been a bit crazy lately. Spent some time in Madrid with my good friend Pablo, visited some animation studios to leave the reel. And lots of drawing now here in Prague.

After a few days of "I cant draw" frustration, I managed to do a few sketches that I like.

Ok, this I dont even know if its worth posting, but here it goes. Speed paint on PS and Painter.

A few doodles. Pictoplasma inspired.

Ive lately started to experiment with paths on PS. Never before I felt like learning a vector drawing program, but I would give anything for a copy of Illustrator now. Theres something about that total control of the perfect curve, that feels so...good.

So here are a few sketches I did puting a black layer on top of another layer of brushstrokes done in Painter. I then use the lasso tool to define shapes. Brushes also from time to time. Its quite a playful aproach actually. You can get some nice surpises.

I start playing around, sometimes things change drastically, others I just do "variations"

and then... (desktop background size, here)


And this

can turn into this...

and one more


these two days were a crewative explosion.
thanks for visiting!