Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I´m happy + Sun shined today

Wow, time just goes so fast. Weeks keep flying and I never find the day to do some personal animation. You can take the sketchbook with you wherever you go and just sketch, but I dont want to start any portfolio animation without puting the right planing into it. I know it pays off in the end.

In this bunch I used a chipsel pen I bought last week, I like the feel a lot. But thinking about shadows and line thickness leaves very little brain for other stuff like pose, expresion etc. Like its not hard enough to try to get them right usually. But the change of materials was a nice blow of fresh air.

Here are some ef last weeks sketches. Of course I couldnt resist PSing them a bit (No wacom, mouse and lasso) Its just like when you would colour stuff as a kid, now worries, just having fun fooling around.

Hope you like them.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ups and Downs

This weeks rumblings

1. Sometimes I just can´t work.
2.I´m addicted to Band of Brothers

...Guess point one and two can be easily related.

Here´s a few more from the sketchbook after being PSed.

Still trying to "capture the pose/essence". The guy with the newspaper, however, looks completely like I was not working enough on shifting "mental gears". By the way, gonna get the book printed soon, the mental gears one, not that I´m going to print any of my stuff. mmm This is getting confusing...

Monday, March 13, 2006


So I finally dared drawing in my brand new sketchbook. Hardcover, good binding, good paper. I thought I was over the days in which I wouldnt dare to draw on good paper. But no.

I havent been very inspired this last week. But I decided I had to get over it. I went through some of Stanchfield´s notes again, man is he inspiring, and a new sketching day begun today.

I really tried to concentrate in capturing the pose, forgeting about folds and details. Just the esence. Well, not that Im there allready, but I kinda feel today was a small step. And that feels good.

Do you feel good because you draw or do you draw because you feel good? I still dont know.

So here are the ones I like the most.

This time, instead of puting the sketchbook back in the bag while transfering buses/metros, I kept it in my hand ALL the time. And did it pay-off. I felt like a sniper scouting for my next victim.

I hadnt though of the psycological value of the size of the sketchbook. This one is way bigger than the last one and it shows, its obvious you are drawing, I couldnt hide it behind the backpack anymore. Now it feels like "HEY, look at me! Im sketching!"

Hope you like them. And comments are really apreciated.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Life Drawing...

So finally, I went to do some life drawing. Theres no teacher or anything, just a bunch of people who like to draw.
Man am I rusty. In fact, its just that I have to get better, not that I ever was really good at it. They started with some 1 min poses, but sadly they only did a few of them. Didnt feel like asking for more since it was my first day and I dont really know the people. Hope I can get to draw more of those poses in the future. I think its what I need.

So, theres nothing from that session that I dont feel really embarassed about, but since I said Id post some pics next time, here are some really old sketches.

And check this website out. Its when I see these kind of things when I get amazed and frustrated at the same time. How am I ever gonna be able to do hand drawn animation if I cant get to draw a single pose?

Monday, March 06, 2006

I´d ordered some books last month and a bunch of them arrived today, all at the same time. Great

I got the Jack Jack Attack children book, with drawings from Tony Fucile. It´s only a few pages, but the drawings are 100% Mr. Fucile with great poses and effortless looking drawings.

I also got Unlikely by Jeffrey Brown. First time I saw any of his books was in a comic store in Germany. "Clumsy" was the one I saw. I flipped through a few pages and I had to buy it. His stuff is so sincere and gets you so hooked that you just can´t the book down. I really liked Unlikely.

There was another package, this one not from Amazon but from Sam Hiti. I got the books through his web. He was really cool and send in an extra comic and did sketches on the first pages on the comics. The comic I liked the most was "El Largo Tren Oscuro", really inspiriong stuff.

There´s something special in buying the stuff from the artist itself that I really like. We even exchanged a few e-mails and he was kind enough to add me to the links in his blog. Thanks again from here.

I really like Sam Hiti´s style. I was inspired after reading the comics and did a couple of ink and brush doodles, I hadnt picked up the brush in a long time.

So that´s it for today. Animation/drawings next time.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hello hello everybody!! Im about to finish my scene and theres a party in school later! Good things are happening. Now that I have a host, Ill start building up my portfolio. Its going to be tough to decide what things to leave out, I have so many sketches and doodles. Its been some days without any updates, so i thought it would be nice to post.

When I dont know what to draw I tend to do the same kind of face and I ALWAYS start it the same way: eyebrow first, then the eye, etc. Its quite easy to fall in the trap of drawing the same thing everytime, and I think its happening to me lately. When I draw this faces I always draw them in the same way, I dont think in terms of mass or volume. But I kinda like the end result, so its pleasing, but theres no "learning" in the process. Well, dont know if Im making sense.

I think most of us have this kind of doodle we are obssesed with, this head, animal or whatever that we keep on doing. Here's a video of me drawing some of those faces I was talking about. You can see theres not much thinking, just the same thing over and over with some slight changes. I noticed how much I doubt when I start drawing the neck are on the third guy. I knew I had to do my homework on head connecting neck and torso, but seeing the video again, just makes it more evident. Oh, and of course I don't draw that fast. :)

I dont know how many people actually read this, I mean, I know how many times this page is loaded but not how many people actually follow the blog. I know theres some really talented people coming here. Id love to see/know what it is that you constantly draw, and it would be amazing to see a video of you in action!