Thursday, September 30, 2010


It´s been quite a while since my last post (can´t believe it´s been over a YEAR). I´m now living in Londinium. I moved here to work on Cartoon Network´s "The Amazing World of Gumball" at Dandelion Studios. I learned a lot from workmates there. The crew was unbelieveably just REALLY good.

And now I´m FREElancing!

One of the last things I did was a background for Passion Pictures last installment of Coca Cola Zero´s Happy Kingdom. I had a very clear direction from the supertalented Lukasz Pazera. I was provided with an approved colorkey, so the process was quite straightforward. I also used the 3d elements they had used. So there was some texture painting, lighting and final painting in PS.

Since the ad is finally out, here´s my part.

Bagckground and some details

thanks to all of those who´ve commented in my absence. You finally got me to move my ass!