Thursday, September 22, 2005


First of all, make sure you check out Pekka´s incredible painting here.

Some sketching. First two with Alias Sketchbook Pro, first time I used it. Seems better for sketching than PS. Last one is an unfinished speedpaint. When I dont use reference I always get to the point where I cant keep on painting...

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


These are some of the drawings I did in Prague. They are concept drawings for two different animations I was going to make. I was trying to draw with a style that would depart from what I normally do.

The guys playing were supposed to appear in a Jazz concert. I tried to develop a story in which the little bird from the last post would appear on screen at the same time as the musicians . Like he was flying arround the city and peeking through windows in pubs and houses.

The black & white drawing was for a story of a guy that dreams of living in the beach, fishing and riding his bycicle arround, enjoying life, but has a boring computer job.

I actually did some animation of these two ideas. For the jazzguys, I combined cutout animation and hand drawn animation (all in flash) and for the other story I worked on 6´s in flash.

I was really happy with how the jazz animations turned out. Those animations where in the DVD that was damaged, but they are also in last years animation department DVD of which I will get a copy, so I might be able to post them in a few months.

Watercolor and ink on paper.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lost & Found..almost

I spent days putting my reel for this summer together. It ended up looking quite nice... interactive DVD with menus for animation tests, drawings and a little shortfilm. But I arrive in Spain and BANG, no dvd player or computer will recognize it! So, all my work, to hell.

I had some flash tests on my mp3 player, those I saved. So now that I can post videos for free ( , here u go. Its a little something I did in Flash and in After Effects. Straight ahead animation. It was very spontaneous but I tryed to give it a 50´s animation design feeling, dont know if it shows. I found the original flash file and quickly rerendered it in AE. hope you like it!

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Catchin up

Wow, last post May 12... I was still in Prague.

I´m so stupid that it has taken me almost a month to realize that I´m not happy if I don´t draw.
Simple as that. For some reason I forced myself into not drawing, even when I wanted to, I made that feeling that you all know go away. To see what happened. It ended up turning into a vicious circle where I would never feel completely ok and never feel like drawing anymore which made me feel "not so good". bla bla bla.

So, for a few days allready I doodle arround. Trying. Delivering crap. And then I check out some art blogs. Inspiration. Like a chain reaction: straight to the computer, plug the wacom for THE FIRST TIME in 3 months and start drawing. I end up whith something that I like. Nothing special, but Im happy with it and it gives me some lost confidence back.

Hope you like it.

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by the way, these are the blogs:

John Nervaez . Great style & poses

Great sketches by different artists

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