Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Work in progress

EDIT: pictures don´t seem to load properly, browser just downloads the picture. Sorry for the hassle, will try to fix it.

So here I am again! I´m not totally recovered, arm hurts from time to time, but at least I could get back to work and even paint some personal stuff.

I´m in the process of updating my portfolio now. I feel I have learned a few things this last months and I want to paint some stuff that shows it.

Animation, compositing, illustration, painting, 3d so many things I´m interested in. But I think it´s about time that I focus a bit. Visual Development is drawing most of my attention lately.

In the meantime, some work in progress. I really gotta get used to investing several days in a piece, I usually only spend like a day in a painting.

First of all, a painting I started with Peter. He came over to my place, were supposed to go out party, but ended up painting all night. We´d take 10/15/20 min shots at it and speedpaint.

I was thinking I´d work a bit more on the pic before posting, but its too late now. Hope to finish it this week or so.



A painting I did using a 3d render. I´m planning on doing a series of this & try develop some vis dev skills.

A speedie gone too far. Not finished yet, palm trees and some parts to be refined. A bit proud of this one, no reference or textures used.


Icha said...

Darn dude, love your skills. I've read your posts about your arm, glad to see that you'll be able to keep on drawing.

take care, and looking forward to see more of your work.


Hey man,great stuffs¡¡ jajaja. Ese robot nos va a llevar lejos ya lo veras.
Son cojonudos. Felicidades.


LuisNCT said...

buenisimos como ya te dije... yo continué un poco mas el robotillo y lo he subido al blog

SalBa Combé said...

Guau! tio, me encantan las casitas ibizencas. Que reventón de luz, me parece superlogrado.
Como sigas así no me va a quedar otra que reventarte ese brazo para quitarte de en medio de una vez por todas. Juas, juas, juas

Germán said...

Thanks a lot, icha! looking forward to seeing the short film, I bet its gonna be amazing-

Peter: en ello tamos peter!

luis: voy a pasarme ara.

salba: A ver si hago un par mas en ese plan de una vez. Me da a mi qu ecom no me cuide un poco, no va hacer falta que me lo revientes :)

Lena said...

Greetings! I liked your figures!
I work in the field of animation.You too?
Style recognized, beautiful style!
I wish good luck!

janča grillča said...

hi, i love the picture with azure sky and white houses, i posted it on my blog, if you're ok with it.. i gave there the link, so :)

Abel said...

bufffff me encanta esa vista de casas blancas, me hace echar todavía más de menos el mediterrano :P

Anonymous said...

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Tom Scholes said...

Love the 3d render paint.

Germán said...

Thanks! its really old now and I´d change a million things now, but I still somehow like it

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