Thursday, September 01, 2005

Catchin up

Wow, last post May 12... I was still in Prague.

I´m so stupid that it has taken me almost a month to realize that I´m not happy if I don´t draw.
Simple as that. For some reason I forced myself into not drawing, even when I wanted to, I made that feeling that you all know go away. To see what happened. It ended up turning into a vicious circle where I would never feel completely ok and never feel like drawing anymore which made me feel "not so good". bla bla bla.

So, for a few days allready I doodle arround. Trying. Delivering crap. And then I check out some art blogs. Inspiration. Like a chain reaction: straight to the computer, plug the wacom for THE FIRST TIME in 3 months and start drawing. I end up whith something that I like. Nothing special, but Im happy with it and it gives me some lost confidence back.

Hope you like it.

Image hosted by

by the way, these are the blogs:

John Nervaez . Great style & poses

Great sketches by different artists

Amazing portfolio


Anonymous said...

Joder, tres meses sin wacomear y te marcas un peaso dibujo!! Muy guapo, a ver si nos tomamos unas cervecitas algun dia, antes de que te vuelvas a ir al corazon de la vieja europa!

Germán said...

Mola que te mole!
hoy me comprao el LORE de A.W.m los dibujos estan muy chulos pero la historia no me acaba de molar.
Ya te mando un mail pa lo de las cervezas.
por cierto, com val corto??

Anonymous said...

Heey, acabo de caer en la cuenta de k me has puesto en los links, pero con el orden d las iniciales mal, jajaja. Es facil confundirse, me di cuenta hace un par d dias y ahora necesito un nombre nuevo y que sea facil de recordar/escribir para el dominio de la web que me estoy haciendo.

Germán said...

cambiao esta.

oye, no me acuerdo de nada de lo q te dije q te iba a mandar en el "so what", ya me lo recuerdas.

pero este tio es la polla

los textos estan muy bien, cuenta cosas de cuando trabajaba en disney. la verdad es q mete bastante caña.

Anonymous said...


the time has come to pick up the pencil! this is your conscience speaking. I heard from jussi that your only DVD copy of your reel was damaged somehow?? i hope you managed to salvage it.

but seriously, dude, making one sketch every 3 months ain't gonna cut it. I know i know it's not always easy but goddamned, in prague i will haunt your every step and see that you get shit done. The thing is, you worked quite hard in prague (at times), so not being able to draw for a while when you return is ok. For me it was quite the opposite... i had too much free time so i have been whipping myself to accomplish stuff. Also, 2 months back in home is awful little time to get everything in order.. first i was scared i don't have enough freelance links to do any actual work in so little window of opportunity, but now i wish i had more time for personal paintings.. but this is all making my stay in prague easier.

the thing with the mobile thing company was a bit strange, when i came to finland, i went to visit the company on the way home from the boat, and everything seemed to be the same except for a few guys missing and a bit strange atmosphere. They would have offered a more steady pay for my stay but instead i got a chance to design some stuff to cruise ships, which was quite cool.

i just read from the vsup homepage that drawing course (and i guess the whole semester) starts 3rd of october, im gonna get there around that time. I hope to find czech flatmates, otherwise the language will remain out of reach. A couple of days ago i looked through some bookstores and found czech-finnish basics so i dont have to learn all of it through english, i hope it also makes things a bit easier.

A funny thing happened when i called my school in helsinki to tell them the disappointing news of my putting forward my graduation even more... the answer from the school was: "great! we'll pay for your tickets!". I was blown away by the response... they are happy to send me there again, and i even got confirmation from lucie.

I did some basic rig and managed to move stuff around, but there is so many things to learn that i haven't had the time to concentrate on animation when i have hard time even building a model let alone texturing it!

during the time in finland i have done some 3d modeling, a lil bit of illustration and graphic design for cruise ship, i'm gonna do the dvd cover design for a famous finnish band and some xmas cards :). So things are looking fine here.

Oouch by the way, the fking dentist pulled my wisdom tooth 2 days ago... after couple of days not eating well because it hurt like a sob.

You can go check out some new stuff from a directory behind my webpage:

i just put in some speed sketch and a couple photos and modeling .movs.

So show me some more sketches and then we can meet in prague!

(working through the night to get some illustrations done)

Germán said...

wow, THAT´s a comment!!

Its great hearing from you!
yeah, u better take care of me in Prague! You know I love drawing and animation, but its the devils "Blind Eye", "Popo", and "Mr. 15 crown beer" that make it harder.

I was just going to tell you about some life drawing course and then I remembered your deal. man, your going to improve even more!

Ill arrive there arround the 28 of october. I have to fly there arround that time to get the school to pay dor the tickets.

Findin flat in Prague...HELL.

U must tell Bara and some other czechs to help u out. You dont want to pay tourist prices.

Dig that 3d model of yours! I want to see it MOOOVE, soldier!

And the house is very graphic.

I just thought that you could come to teh studio this year if u want to practice some stopmotion or cut out animation.

the DVD thing is tru, u can read it in the last post. Ive been tryin to get it back , but no luck.

I should have taken it back home, made more copies in the school, lots of things but what I did. I feel SO stupid...

Well, see you there!!

Anonymous said...

Vaya par de parrafadas!
Ya estoy mirando ese blog que me decias arriba, y la verdad es que yo tampoco me acuerdo qué era lo que comentamos en el so what....

J said...

I'm really flattered you found my portfolio inspiring, thanks for the link, keep up the great work.

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