Monday, October 10, 2005

This was it?

I just remembered I had e-mailed a w.i.p. low-res version of my showreel to a friend (hi, Teemu!). After losing the info in the DVD on which I had the showreel, I thought it was going to be almost impossible to get anything back. And I remember this e-mail. I just had log into my account and download it!

I though the reel was good. Now I look at it and, well, I don´t feel that proud at all. Guess that´s something good...

These are the parts of the reel that I like the most. Sorry for the big files and the really bad quality...

This was a short little test I did playing arround with Flash and AE. I used a simple cycle for the character and spent most of the time on the transition and on the shadow of the car. I was going for a very atmospheric style. If you pay attention, you can see a sun reflection on the window right before the car exits the garage. I though it looked great, but its on screen for so little time that no one notices!

I quickly added some sounds now.

Image hosted by

This one is the very first time I tryed cut out paper animation out. I loved it! So direct. The character was a 2cm drawing I had in my sketchbook. I liked his pose and looks, so I scanned and retouched it in photoshop added the joints and started animating.

I was going to add a background, but in the end it ended up looking better as it is, with no background! It actually transmits some sort of atelier feeling. In one of the tests you could see my feet popping in and out under the glass table! After I shot it, I added a hand-drawn mustache in Flash. The clip here is part of a small film that I did, all improvised.

No sound here, which is a pitty , because I think the sound really made it better.

Image hosted by

And these are the jazz players. I wanted to keep on experimenting with cutout animation. This time I did it in flash. It took me a looong time to retouch the painting so that the arms could move without leaving a blank space behind them. The same with the instrument and the head. If you pay attention , you can also see that in some parts, the linework "floats" over the watercolour. Unluckily, this video is very low quality... This time I also drew on top with flash.

I tryed to sync with the music. I was on a rush, so the finger animation is horrible. But I still want to do a jazz players animation, with lots of reference this time!

Image hosted by

I would realy appreciate any comments.

thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Muy guapas tus animaciones. La primera esta muy bien pensada, con ese cambio de plano en plan cortinilla, la luz y todo.
La segunda ya me la habias enseñado y ahora me ha pasado como la vez anterior, que al verla me han entrado ganas de hacer animacion con recortes, jeje.
Y la tercera tiene un estilo muy años 30 o algo asi, esta muy guapa.
A ver cuando haces un corto o alguna cosilla mas larga que estas!! (Aunque en realidad se aprende mas con pequeñas pruebas, pero nos dejas con ganas de mas!!)

Unknown said...

Love this set, it's soo much fun!! Great characters!

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