Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sketching day

I know I said next post was going to be animation related, but after reading Teemu´s and Pekka´s posts (check them out here and here) about that afternoon, I couldn´t resist.

It was Pekka, Teemu and me in Velryba, eating, talking and sketching. Without even noticing, eight (!) hours went past. They did great drawings, but I was kind of uninspired. I see other artists blogs and I can´t help but think about how static and life-less my work is.

Solution: life-drawing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


LuisNCT said...

La solucion siempre pasa por el dibujo del natural... aun asi tus dibujos tienen vida y fuerza, lo que pasa es que nunca vemos todo lo bueno en nuestros propios trabajos (lo cual nos impulsa a mejorar, asi que tampoco es malo un poco de insatisfaccion artistica)

Un abrazo!

Anonymous said...

Ik vind jouw werk leuk! Ik wil jij alras hier zien!!

Teemu Erämaa said...

what the duck - don't be so modest, you are The ARtiTse - Kickasso, he eats agrylics for breakfast and farts Art!!


Pekka said...

Its time to get your ass off the floor, add some logs to the fire and show some new stuff.

I hope you are having a great time in Amsterdam!

alberto mielgo said...

To me : Very nice sketches German!
C'mon, man where are you!

Anonymous said...

aaaaai...no te me pongas tristón...
a mí me parecen chulis y punto...
un besorro!

Anonymous said...

Your jazz animations from a previous post are great. They reminded me of this animator, maybe you'll like this:


Especially the music video for Basin Street Blues & Fender Bender by Kid Koala.

Anonymous said...

Pekka! ThankU! I´m really enjoying my days in Amsterdam!It´s great to be here! XD

Banano! Enhorabuena!! Oeooeoeoeoe!!! Dentro de nada serás un freak de la animación, jeje! See U in Spain! ;)

Pekka said...

Just stepping in to comment from the heavens that is Lodz, a foggy, grey, 860 000 inhabiting industrial city in Poland. The film festival is great, Im meeting FAMU people and some finnish people from my school, by surprise. So boo sha ka ya ka sha la la.

banana - ENJOY

banano - WORK

teemuuno - estas caliente

earl a. laamanen!
you goddamn australian-loving hippie! i hear nothing from you and i spent two months in praha and you decide to go to canada. bitch. thats all i have to say. you ... .. you english-speaking ..... talking - man of a bear karaoke machine!


sa nina de ses trunyelles said...

Germanos Bananos!!

Ser Carre, amiga de banana.

qué le pasan a tus dibujos que son tan geniales? me parece que todos tienen muchísima fuerza, que hablen por si solos, impresionantes. Claro me encanta el estilo, de ahí que me gusten.

Hay que ver, unos con mano de Dios y otras ni con la derecha ni con la izquierda.

Nuestra página es: www.asientoreservado.blogspot.com.

Con equipaje ligero al fin del mundo.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Nice sketches! Very expressive!
Please post more.

Anonymous said...

ey German!
todavia estas en praga o ya te fuiste ... s q intentaba yamarte:) xo: The person is not allowed to accept this call:S
pos con la 16 ....
ey: lo siento por ser tan wago como siempre :D

LuisNCT said...

actualizaaa!! hexo de menos tus dibujoss!!!

Anonymous said...

pekka. you're that guy who makes bird sounds right!? :oB

yeah so i was coming back to prague straight from australia but they said i can't come back; not cool enough. so instead i went to vancouver and stopped in fiji along the way..
and now i've got some good work coming up in Ottawa or Quebec so i'll be here a while.

but both of you - german, pekka -need to update yer blargs. everytime you have new work it makes me want to sketch more, and that's good because i need it.

Pekka said...

post something you stupid guy.


goddamn, earl! Too bad they didn't let you return! It would be great to sit down for a beer and watch as your Finnish ancestors canoe in the canadian wilderness...

at least you can have some good time in cananabada! i wish you luck!


Germán said...

-Luis: gracias. veo que tienes algo entremanos con un robot, ya me ensenyaras algo.

-banana! en 2 dias nos vemos.pata pata oeoeoe.

-Teemu: vittun vittu! thank you. and you do have a nice voice. :)

-Pekka: you vittun suomesta. Hehe, I finally did it. animation comin soon. I really want to see that cat animation. HUgs, man.

-Alberto: mem mola ver que te pasas por aqui. ya me diras que tal con el comic. suerte!

-Julila: 23.12.05 20.00 ya sabes donde.

-earl!: hey hey!great to hear from u! I checked the videos, cool link, thanks! and start your own blog, I want to see your stuff!

-Carre: gracias gracias. que pasa con la web? la borraste?

-Gabriele: WOw, thanks for the kind words. I really like your work.

Thanks again everybody from stopping by.

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