Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hello hello everybody!! Im about to finish my scene and theres a party in school later! Good things are happening. Now that I have a host, Ill start building up my portfolio. Its going to be tough to decide what things to leave out, I have so many sketches and doodles. Its been some days without any updates, so i thought it would be nice to post.

When I dont know what to draw I tend to do the same kind of face and I ALWAYS start it the same way: eyebrow first, then the eye, etc. Its quite easy to fall in the trap of drawing the same thing everytime, and I think its happening to me lately. When I draw this faces I always draw them in the same way, I dont think in terms of mass or volume. But I kinda like the end result, so its pleasing, but theres no "learning" in the process. Well, dont know if Im making sense.

I think most of us have this kind of doodle we are obssesed with, this head, animal or whatever that we keep on doing. Here's a video of me drawing some of those faces I was talking about. You can see theres not much thinking, just the same thing over and over with some slight changes. I noticed how much I doubt when I start drawing the neck are on the third guy. I knew I had to do my homework on head connecting neck and torso, but seeing the video again, just makes it more evident. Oh, and of course I don't draw that fast. :)

I dont know how many people actually read this, I mean, I know how many times this page is loaded but not how many people actually follow the blog. I know theres some really talented people coming here. Id love to see/know what it is that you constantly draw, and it would be amazing to see a video of you in action!


Anonymous said...

Q guay q puedas subir videos ahora! Jeje, cuántas veces te habré visto dibujando como un loco esos hombrecillos tuyos!!
Me ha traido muy buenos recuerdos :)
Un beset

Sabes??? Esta nevando!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

las manitas del video eran tus manitas!!!
qué guay!
nos vemos es praga...ouies!

Jussi Kemppainen said...

The top scketces look a bit like mike mignola's.

And they also look good.

Nick Sung said...

Sadly I can't watch your video on my computer at work, but your sketches look awesome--they're nice photos too.

alberto mielgo said...

Que pasada de dibujos, Germano. Me re cuerdan a Pratt, El video no lo puedo ver de momento...

LuisNCT said...

Me ENCANTAN esos dibujos. El segundo es bestial, y el tercero... joder, cómo algo tan simple tiene tanta vida?
ey, y como has subido el video ese? yo tambien quierooo!!

Germán said...

banana- ya he visto el video! esta semana compro los billetes. nos vemos en na!

julia- :)

jussi- thanks! looking forward to seeing the model completed.

nick sung- Im honored to have you here. Thanks. Yeah, I had no acces to a scaner so I just took some pics, and I like the result, especially the last one with some parts out of focus.

by the way, i saw the first episode of Harold Rosenbaum. I really liked it.

Alberto- gracias! q pratt? Hugo? El video es solo una tonteria, habia pensao en poner una version para bajar, pero no se si darle tanta importancia...

y ver cuando sale el comic. de hecho podrias intentar q se pudiese "preordear". muchos lo harian.

Luis-Gracias, tio. lo del video es facil, pero no se q pasa que la barra de links se va a la mierda.ya te digo por email

Teemu Erämaa said...


ver y nice faces & video! You stole my idea :)

I was studying the html (and i wasn't drunk it is this mi lky keyboard -problem -rembember?)

and I noticed no -problem, but the thing is that i am using mozilla firefox so maybe this thing ha-p-pens on ly in internet ex-p lorer whihc is just microsofts -f**d u-p.

Cra-p -p gotta do that video - and u-p load finally some stuff to my blog!!!

i got ins-pired.


J said...

Great stuff. Nice sketches. I have some similar patterns for drawing characters. After a while it becomes like handwriting. Nice post.

Germán said...

-teemu: yeah!!! do it!

and hey, i got the muybreadge(sp?) book today. the one with animals. You have to check it out, it make come in handy for some bird animation...

-james: Thanks! yeah.. it en¨ds up becoming something "automatic" like going on autopilot mode.

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