Tuesday, January 22, 2008


At last! I finished my online portfolio! After trying different, pre-built gallery templates, I went for indexhibit, a supercool tool built by Daniel Eatock and Jeffery Vaska. Check it out.

My online portfolio

crits & comments more than welcome. Make sure you check out the process/unfinished section, lots of new stuff there and a bit of an insight into how I work


Urban Barbarian said...

Great portfolio! Your work all impresses the hell outta me! Incredibly fun to look at! Great job!

Pablo E. Soto said...

Genial!! Me he quedado flipado de ver todos tus trabajos juntos, la verdad es que has conseguido una linea muy solida y muy buena, me encanta esa simbiosis entre los conceptos de acabado y de abocetado, el resultado es muy suelto y contundente!!
un abrazo che!!

LuisNCT said...

tiene muy buena pinta! en cuanto me lo haya mirado entero te comentaré algo mas

Erwin Madrid said...

I just got done looking at your website. Very impressive! Your graphic shapes are very fun. Thanks for sharing.

ALEXIS said...

thanks for the comment.
I just checked out ur portfolio, it's really really cool, i love your sens of color.

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