Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New links!

check them out. sooo good (cant help remembering Syndrome saying it when he finds the whole family)


Anonymous said...

hey man, i mostly just wanted to say thanks for the link to those animation class notes, really inspiring.

i watched a weird film the other day called Ryan, about a canadian animator, and i ripped some of the shorts off the DVD. if you haven't seen "walking" by ryan larkin, then i'll find some way to send it to you. it was done in the 1970's and it's amazing - lots of walk cycles done on paper with watercolours, it was nominated for an oscar. and today that animator begs for change on the street in montreal.

and i finally setup my own blog on my website, i guess the link will appear beside my name.

LuisNCT said...

tio, cambia mi link, en vez de fotolog pon mi blog de bocetillos!

Germán said...

Earl- Hey hey! Great to see you have a blog. I like the first bunch of compositional drawings you have on the blog. The ones with buildings.

And yeah, those notes are amazing. I have to get them printed and binded.

I did see that film, it was great.And I saw snippets of his earlyer work. I was in this conference where the producer of the film, Marcy Page I think, talked. She looked liek a very nice and humble woman. And the film won an oscar!

She actually said that Ryan Lrakin had started drawing again. Some hope...

Luis- si,si. siempre se me olvida con las prisas.yaesta

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